Organizations nowadays are busy with fixing the past, whilst dreaming about the future. We help organizations to fix the future.

The study of and preparation for the future is our core business.

We work with business leaders and their teams to develop appropriate strategies to address going business concerns, including 5-year business strategies, new business models and organizational roadmaps to meet the challenges ahead. We help them to define strategic agendas and align their actions to deliver the desired results. We help them to implement their endeavors by serious change management and powerful activation plans. Strategy is (and has always been) all about execution.

In methodological terms, we blend traditional strategic planning with emergent theories on design thinking, scrum development, and large-scale collaboration. We engage business leaders and their teams in a holistic, iterative process which promotes their intellectual and intuitive understanding of the business. Real opportunity emerges when business leaders and their teams understand external forces influencing their business and deploy their resources in the way that they achieve competitive advantage. Their understanding of new trends, changing customer needs, and the impact of new technologies on their business model all play into opportunities for growth.

We introduce a systems thinking approach for strategy, installing the adequate focus and rhythm, helping business leaders and their teams to make the necessary shift in reviewing, formulating, implementing, and executing strategy. It is an intensive process with ups and downs. There are no short-cuts in the making of strategy. Delivering good performance is hard work. But it is effective. You will learn how to strategize in an ever-changing world. You will be able to meet the challenges ahead.

Note. We also do workshops, training courses, and strategy talks about the way we work. Feel free to join.

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